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Digital Entertainment Worldwide

net mobile AG offers its customers digital entertainment content worldwide as well as innovative concepts and interactive applications. We see ourselves as a 360° manager along the whole digital value chain. Therefore, we develop customised solutions that suit your goals for your company or brand. Take advantage of our full service from a single provider or individually adapted modules according to your requirements.

Digital Enabling

With the net-m maxmedia architecture you have all opportunities to market and distribute multimedia contents to your customers. No matter whether online via mobile portals on handsets, online enabled applications and Internet portals on stationary devices or offline via print mediums or Radio/TV, e.g. Teletext, TV formats or TV spots.

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Currently we offer the following entertainment services

Portal Services

The net-m portal services include modules such as the mobile portal engine module used by web designers to create state-of-the-art portals with automatically optimised display presentations at all relevant handsets worldwide (>2,000). Or the mobile CMS module, an integrated solution for all content management requirements which manages the complete process of uploading, encoding, hosting, publishing, rights management and reporting via an easy-to-use frontend. Last but not least, our mobile video streaming module that is already successfully used by TV channels as well as mobile network operators.

Overview Portal Services

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