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Developed to encompass all segments of the value-added chain of digital media distribution. Ranging from content management to content delivery, the net-m maxmedia platform offers the right modules for your requirements. Simply choose your required tools and net-m will supply the state-of-the-art technology and support to make everything run smoothly. This enables you to offer your customers the highest quality of your products on all channels and devices.


net-m maxmedia Platform (english)

net-m maxmedia

  • Enables you to distribute any kind of digital content to your customers
  • Full 3G, 4G, and WiFi support
  • Distributes your content via web app, native app, tablet app, or even IPTV
  • Open to any content or news feeds (RSS, XML, etc.)
  • The single internet and mobile access to all your digital content
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    Within net-m maxmedia, we offer you a large and constantly growing catalogue of digital content. Constant updating of the content ensures an always up-to-date and attractive portfolio that meets the requirements of the local territory as well as the consumers’ purchasing habits. The entire portfolio consists of music and audio, games and applications, videos and visuals, including your own and third-party content.

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    65,312,249 60,431,000 96.80%
    7,639,961 9,087,000 120.20%
    81,471,834 103,026,590 125.06%
    138,739,892 211,931,940 150.84%
    9,088,728 12,213,560 132.30%
    9,976,062 10,861,480 109.19%
    61,016,804 82,327,830 139.52%
    10,190,213 13,684,900 134.49%
    62,698,362 78,050,050 127.01%
    46,754,784 53,603,820 114.65%
    16,847,007 18,193,420 110.31%
    38,441,588 44,685,890 117.85%
    8,217,280 11,550,600 136.49%

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